Monday, October 02, 2006

INTEL Vs AMD - Round three

Corporate wars are not new. We have always had companies competing with each other for a share of the same market. With increasing competition, this fierce war has just gotten more intense.

Although this is not a new concept in any way, the pace at which technology is evolving has definitely had an effect on this war. The raging battle between chip-makers INTEL and AMD is a case in point. For a long time, INTEL had a virtual monopoly when it came to computer chips. AMD was a distant second that did not pose any real threat to AMD. However when AMD launched its revolutionary dual core processors which could increase PC performance without increasing energy consumption, it pushed INTEL onto its back foot.

Now, just a couple of years later, we are already into the new generation of chips- the quad core processors that have 4 processors in place of 2. And suddenly, it is time for major shift in the market. The pace at which these changes are occuring seem to be beating Moore's law, which predicts the rate at which processors will evolve.

R & D plays a far more crucial role in a company's success today than ever before. With technology evolving at such a breakneck speed, technology companies cannot even afford to relax for a moment. As companies struggle to out do each other, I guess customers will have a good time.


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