Thursday, October 05, 2006

Now the internet is on your TV

Hewlett-Packard, the computer hardware giant recently launched a new cutting-edge television called the HP Mediasmart TV. This TV is capable of playing picture, video and audio files off your PC or even from the internet. With this new innovation, we are increasingly looking at uniform methods of delivery of different media.

According to,

It's the first consumer television to combine traditional TV capabilities with
computer-like functionality that lets you invisibly, and instantly, move digital
media content from wherever it might be in the house to the screen in your
living room.
By tapping into your home network — either wired or wireless —
the Media Smart set streams digital media files from where they naturally sit on
your computer's hard drive.

Does this signal the end of the PC? Not in the near future; especially if the HP Mediasmart maintains the current price( Right now, it costs $2500). But its really interesting to see the pace of all these innovations. I guess it wont be too long before we will need just one device that will combine all the capabilities of the computer, TV, mobile phone. And unlike, the devices that are available today, it will actually be user-friendly and inexpensive.

Let the countdown begin..


Blogger Celia Soudry said...

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Blogger Lisa said...

It'd be great to be able to use a set-top box to subscribe to videoblogs , so I could watch them on the big screen. TiVo can do that with some, as can some media center PCs and MythTV. I've got a ReplayTV, which I'm not giving up because it's got the commercial-skipping software that the company was later sued for and removed.

12:22 PM


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