Monday, November 20, 2006

Another citizen journalism initiative

I just came across a new citizen journalism initiative called Instablogs. This site is designed like a regular newspaper with the usual sections like Politics, sports, business, entertainment etc. Although this is actually just a collection of blogs, the articles have more news than opinion, in the sense that the stories are structured like news reports rather than blogs.

I am sure that there must be a lot of sites like this, but I think most of them have a blog feel to them rather than a newspaper feel. So, Instablogs stands out in that respect. Another interesting thing is that this site is based out a of Shimla, a small, sleepy tourist town located in North India. It gave me a sense of how the internet revolution can transcend geography.

I could not really understand their revenue model by looking at the site. I didnt see much advertising, other than the google ads. I will try and find it out.

On the whole, I felt that although the quality of the reports was not all that great, the variety was good. It is definitely a good start.


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